Fr. Sorin's commitment to Catholic education was animated by the actions of the Congregation of the Holy Cross, whose founder, Blessed Basil Moreau, founded the congregation in part to fill the spiritual and educational void formed by the French Revolution.

Part of what enabled Fr. Sorin’s vision for Notre Dame to become a reality is that, like Fr. Moreau, he had an unwavering trust in Divine Providence, even to the point of believing that the cross was our only hope. This was demonstrated famously after the fire of 1879, in which virtually the entire university was destroyed. Fr. Sorin's resolve in the midst of that crisis 

Fr. Sorin also shared Moreau’s apostolic zeal. After founding Notre Dame and while serving as its first president, he continued to support the mission of Holy Cross across the country, founding what would become St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas.

Moreover (and against the advice of others), Fr. Sorin in 1865 founded a new Catholic magazine that he entitled Ave Maria. Almost 150 years later, Ave Maria Press continues as part of the missionary outreach of the United States Province of Holy Cross.

Fr. Sorin’s legacy continues to thrive at Notre Dame. This video shows how the university has remained true to its heritage through the years: